有机蜂蜜'Last Havest'| Eatoo UK
有机蜂蜜'Last Havest'| Eatoo UK

Organic Nordic Honey 'Late Harvest'

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At the end of the Nordic summer, an abundance of ripe and mellow plants delivers a honey the colour of a deep golden sunset with the rich aroma of a late harvest.在北欧夏季结束时,大量成熟而醇厚的植物为蜂蜜带来了深金色的夕阳色,并具有后期收获的浓郁香气。 Its maturity is perfect for sophisticated pairings like roasted duck, aged cheeses and full-bodied Merlot.它的成熟度非常适合复杂搭配,如烤鸭,陈年奶酪和浓郁的梅乐。

- 自然 蜂蜜,有两种尺寸
- Comes in a stunning Nordic Honey gift box