Dassai 23 Daiginjo Sake

Dassai 23 Daiginjo Sake

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World renowned for it's ultra high rice polishing ratio (23%), this award winner is the perfect special occasion sake. Gorgeous aroma of melon and peach on the nose. Dried pineapple, pear and chestnuts on the palate with a smooth and velvety texture that develops through a lush finish. 720ml.

  • 牌号:纯舞大吟酿

  • 奖项:洛杉矶国际葡萄酒大赛(2013:银牌,2014:金牌,2016:铜牌,2015:金牌); 2015年TEXSOM国际葡萄酒奖:银奖

  • 酿酒厂:朝日

  • 区域:山口

  • 大米抛光: 23%